2 Most Overlooked Ecommerce Advertising Channels

Google’s AdWords service has historically been the biggest venue for capitalizing on shopping search terms. 66% of all “buy-ready” shopping queries end up on ads, so it should be no surprise that AdWords has remained dominant for high-volume marketing spend.

Looking to tighten its grip on that segment of ecommerce marketing, Google also opted to make its Froogle (Google Shopping) search results paid-only. The big G seemed determined to monetize nearly every online retail query on the web.

But increasingly, Amazon and Facebook are becoming better venues for marketing & remarketing. Now sellers who only relied on AdWords have more advertising options at all three major sites.

Previously, Amazon introduced “Product Ads from External Websites.” These paid placements help the company profit when customers leave the site unsatisfied. But it turns out Amazon’s momentum is moving towards entrances, not exits – the site now makes up an increasingly large share of all ecommerce search queries. More people are circumventing Google altogether, giving Amazon more opportunities to close sales or earn commissions off its external ad service.

With fewer people searching for shopping terms on Google first, marketing on Amazon is becoming a better way to bring cusomers back to your shopping site… especially considering that anyone who’s on Amazon searching for permanent markers is an ideal target for the Sherpee brand graffiti writing implements you’re peddling.

#2 Facebook ads are getting smarter

Facebook Exchange is opening the social network to external services, allowing on-site ads to read cookies and other data gathered from outside Facebook. Marketers can bid on this flexible Facebook advertising space to convert cart abandoners who are browsing acquaintances’ photos.

This gives web-savvy sales teams the opportunity to push conversions even after visitors have slipped off the public web. The number of available impressions is staggering, so marketers looking for additional, targeted advertising are in luck.

Changing things up

So far, both tech giants’ strategies appear to be siphoning sales from Google. Amazon now makes up 30% of all sales-related search, and Facebook’s looking at another year of record-breaking advertising revenue.

If online marketers want to keep their margins fat, they’re going to have to ditch the long-held notion that AdWords is a one-stop shop for display advertising and retargeting.

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