Happy Chef 2013 Catalog

How do you translate the feel and style of an ecommerce site into a print magazine? Our recent catalog for Happy Chef was a huge undertaking, with over 6 months of production involved. But we believe we successfully captured the friendly, accessible feel of the Happy Chef brand in their 2013 product catalog.


Before shooting the catalog, we met with the client and discussed the desired direction and changes from the 2012 catalog. With an inventory as big as Happy Chef’s, we had to carefully compare previous photography with new products to see what had to be cut and what needed new images. New products, additional features and updated designs all required fresh layouts and photography. And although some of the inventory is repeated from the previous year’s catalog, it needed to be refreshed to fit the look and feel of the 2013 catalog – clean, bright, and inviting.

Photo shoot

Our next step was choosing a location for the photo shoot and finding models. We visited different restaurants to determine which fit our mood goals and space requirements. When we decided on a place, our creative team developed appropriate story lines and set-ups. Preparing for the shoot required having a thorough list of inventory to bring, and planning out each shot (and of course finding the tastiest place to order lunch for the crew).

Design & copy

Each shot was planned ahead of time but if a better opportunity presented itself, we were on it. After three days of posing and snapping models, still photography and over a dozen different set-ups, our creative team headed back to the office to sort through the thousands of images they had captured. Our designers edited, re-edited, color corrected, and placed the photos in the layout. Thorough descriptions were written to explain new features and benefits.


After meticulous proofreading and a dozen rounds of editing, our final version was ready for printing. As Happy Chef is primarily an apparel company, color proofing and press checking were vital stages of production. Someone needed to be present at printing to make sure everything went off without a hitch.

With a total of 84 pages and containing over 150 products in dozens of colors and styles, the catalog is complete. Check it out for yourself – get a free copy here.


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