Switching to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

When Apple announced they’d no longer be carrying YouTube as a default app on its iOS devices, the total number of people who were shocked was zero. After all, the two tech giants have been increasingly at each others’ throats since Android first encroached on iPhone territory. With plans of its own for revamping video and other content (maps, for instance), Apple was eager to edge Google products out of its standard software suite.

But with the return of the (now official*) YouTube app, it appears Apple’s snub will be paying dividends for both Google and mobile marketers.

You see, the revamped application isn’t just new and improved in terms of user experience; it also displays mobile-friendly YouTube advertising. The world’s 30+ million iOS users may not be keen on that particular “enhancement,” but online advertisers are. Previously locked out of a sizable chunk of their mobile YouTube market, they can now expand their inventory by hundreds of millions, if not billions, of new impressions. Where users see white Apple logos, web-savvy companies are seeing conversion-lit dollar signs.

Of course, this opportunity means big bucks for Google, which can now collect revenue from a group that makes up between one third and one half of all smartphones sold. YouTube video ad impressions aren’t cheap, and the demand for iPhone exposure is likely high, given the previous void in that demographic.

Would it have been better for Apple to continue toeing the line with its YouTube support? Ultimately, that will depend on what the company’s long term video content strategy is. But as Google and web marketers become increasingly reliant on one another, it’s in Apple’s best interest to start making aggressive plays sooner rather than later.


  • Previously, the iOS YouTube app was developed in-house at Apple

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