Facebook Updates and the Ecommerce Conclusions

More changes are being made to the most popular social media marketing site. If you are in ecommerce marketing, here are a few updates you don’t want to miss:


They’ve finally arrived! Long-used but basically pointless hashtags are now functional. Use them the same way you would on Twitter or Instagram or with the @ sign on Facebook. Clicking on the hashtagged phrase or locating it in the search bar will show you what’s trending. Our Social Media Specialist, Jessica Kornfeind, talks about this feature’s implications for ecommerce marketing trends:

“Hashtags on multiple platforms helps increase the chance of virality. By pulling in hashtags from other platforms, your posts (business or personal) will definitely get more exposure and hopefully more engagement.”

Photo commenting

Next up we have news that Facebook is now allowing users to comment on posts with photos, making walls more visual. The changes are currently underway for web and mobile versions of the site although not yet for the mobile application. In order to comment with a photo, click the camera button next to the comment area under a post and you can take a photo or upload your own. Jessica comments via text here:

“I can’t help but think that the new Facebook updates are a lead-in to the roll out of the latest news feed. Especially because it is so photo-centric.

Making the news feeds more visual with picture-enabled comments was an obvious choice. It continues to follow the visual content trend on the web. If this becomes an option for brands, it could help companies get more in-depth responses when surveying their clientele about products/services.”

New insights

Change number three is a revamped version of Facebook Insights, the analytics center for Facebook’s Pages. Currently in beta testing, the new dashboard features a cleaner, more user-friendly design and more informative stats. Some of the most notable features are the breakdown of the “Talking About This” tab, which measured engagement on pages and posts. This section will now show the individual type of the engagement (comments, likes, clicks and shares), as well as a section for the demographics of people who are engaging (age, gender, geography and language) and whether or not they are fans. Again, Jessica has the social media marketing perspective:

“The revamp of Insights is big for marketers. The more in-depth data and new ‘people engaged’ tab can apply to posting and ad strategy. Testing will become smooth. With this information you’ll be able to see what content is working and what types of content may be best for your ad strategy.”

Comment popularity

Finally, a tiny change has been made to comments below posts on Pages. Instead of having to sift through every “nice!” “cool!” or “very nice and cool!”, posts with a large number of responses will automatically list the comments in order of popularity. You can disable this set-up but it’s pretty handy for users and Page owners to see what is the top-liked comments. This is Jessica Kornfeind’s top comment on ecommerce conclusions:

“For businesses that have a large following, or a viral post, the sorting comments option will help tremendously when viewing feedback. As any good community manager knows, it’s key to view and respond to as many comments as possible. This makes it a lot easier.”

Ripen Services:

Be on top of these changes and future ones with the social media marketing services at Ripen. Whether the change is a small difference in comments or a large one in analytics, our custom ecommerce strategies can help you interpret the data and apply new methods to your marketing campaigns.


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