Google Updates Search Algorithm with Hummingbird

How did you find this article? Did you use the query “Latest update to Google search”? Did you search Google at all? If so, there’s a 90% chance that you have already used the latest update to its search algorithm.

Active on about 90% of searches, Hummingbird is the name of the biggest update to Google since 2010’s Caffeine, which adapted search to rapidly updated information and allowed for faster responses in general. What we know so far is that Hummingbird will let Google handle longer queries more deftly and be better able to process searches in question form (in addition to keyword queries).

The focus on natural language goes hand in hand with the recent roll-out of Conversational Search, which caters to organic, intuitive language like understanding references to previous searches. Hummingbird helps deal with the increased number of spoken searches on smartphones and is making way for “hot-word” commands like “Ok, Google.” It will also encourage the search engine to use its Knowledge Graph to anticipate what information the asker might want to know.

This update is only the latest in a slew of changes the search giant has made this summer, which have affected everything from keyword planning to campaign formats. This change doesn’t have any real immediate impact for marketers and ecommerce owners, except the continual trend towards more natural language and organic content.

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