Is Ecommerce Coming to Your Xbox?

Digital platforms like Xbox Live and Playstation Network have never been strangers to instant, online sales. In-game microtransactions for virtual gear and goods have, in fact, become a commonplace avenue of digital commerce. But it hasn’t been until this week, with the release of an official Pizza Hut app for Xbox 360, that videogame consoles have served as a potential platform for “real world” ecommerce sales.

The Create Your Pizza App allows Xbox users to build, order, and pay for a Pizza Hut pie from the couch – essentially mimicking the experience available at various big-name food delivery sites. Unlike those sites, however, payment is processed through the Xbox ecosystem gamers already use to buy virtual items.

This small but important detail means even the most web-wary potential pizza partiers can check out without divulging additional personal/financial information. If buying a deep dish pizza is as painless as an impulse mp3 purchase, nobody should be surprised if the effect on conversion rates was positive.

Whether or not game console platforms will be open to other, smaller ecommerce businesses remains to be seen, but both Microsoft and Sony are doubling down on internet capabilities for their upcoming systems. If the Playstation 4 and Xbox Durango (official name to be revealed late May) support a broader range of ecommerce app development, their couch-captive audiences could become lucrative markets for online retailers.

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