Our First #cooltooltuesday: the Best of Buzzsumo

Introducing #CoolToolTuesday: on the first Tuesday of every month, a staff member here at Ripen will share one of his or her favorite online resources. Our first contribution comes from Dave Rekuc, the head of our marketing department:

“Our team recently decided to invest more time into content marketing. I’ve found Buzzsumo is a great online app for finding what content is shared most often as well as identify key influencers in a given industry. It’s becoming one of my favorite tools, and here are a few ways I use it:

1. Before writing an article, I search for the most shared links about a given topic for the past 30 or 60 days. This gives me an idea of the angles and formats that are being passed around. For example, let’s say I decided I wanted to write a blog post about the World Cup.

The content is sort of all over the place; however, I notice 4 of the top 19 articles talk about how attractive the players are and they’re getting a ton of attention. So, if I want to write an article on the World Cup that’s got share potential, hot guys it is:

2. You can also look for what content works for your competitors by identifying the most shared content on their domains. Let’s see what it would look like if the marketing team from Pepsi decided to spy on Coke:

3. If you’re trying to place an article on a specific site, search their domain with a modifier to see how they’re covering a specific topic. Personally, I’ve always wanted to contribute to Thought Catalog:

4. You can also use Buzzsumo to find influencers (and competitors) producing similar content. The web app allows you to search for influencers with a topic in their bios as well as influencers who tweet and share links on a given topic:

More perks – you can filter out bloggers, influencers, companies, journalists, and “regular people” or sort by page authority, domain authority, followers, retweet ratio, reply ratio, and average retweets. Personally, I’ve found average retweets to be the best indicator of social influence. And if you’ve integrated your Twitter account, you can follow these influencers, add them to a Twitter list, or even send them a tweet from the Buzzsumo site.

5. Finally, we frequently use Buzzsumo to see who has shared a popular article, whether it’s something we produced or something we’d like to try in the future. In the pictures below, we’re monitoring shares for a post that I wrote on subscription ecommerce.

In the second picture, I’ve selected “view sharers.” This is a great way to build relationships and find influencers that might be interested in future content.

No matter what job you’re doing, improving your efficiency will help your bottom line. Though our foray into content marketing is still new, I’m confident that Buzzsumo will continue to help us reach the best audience for our brand.”

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