Next in Social Media: LinkedIn & Facebook Updates

Social media platforms must keep up with the rapid growth of their users. In the same regard, we must stay updated with the newest developments. Here are some of the latest changes and their effect on ecommerce:

LinkedIn: sponsored updates

LinkedIn hosts more than one third of the world’s professionals. And it’s growing. To keep up with the business demand, it has expanded its ad campaigns.

Business accounts on LinkedIn can now sponsor their updated posts. Whether it’s an image or a link, sponsoring updates will help you gain more views across the network. The ads will be able to support any rich media you have shared as well.

You can even sponsor up to 3 updates per campaign. The sponsored updates will be viewable on desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. LinkedIn’s platform adjusts the update accordingly. However, you will not be able to target or opt out of mobile exclusively.

Targeting & Price

When it comes to targeting your sponsored updates, LinkedIn has developed a very intuitive platform. You can target by location, company size, industry, job function, or seniority. If you prefer, you can go even further and target school, skills, groups, gender, or age.

LinkedIn’s campaign pricing is based on a bidding scale. You can choose to buy ads on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) scale. It is suggested to use CPM for brand campaigns and CPC for performance. While you must spend at least $10 a day per campaign, it is recommended to bid above the minimum to win ad space from others in the same space.

Measure & More

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates are pretty straightforward. You can turn them on or off, hide them when they’re not actively being worked on, or duplicate campaigns. If you wish, multiple admins can be added in the campaign manager to allow others at your company to gain access.

LinkedIn also provides a concrete and useful tool for you to manage the performance of your campaigns. You’ll be able to see the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, social actions and average CPC for each campaign. If you’re familiar with Facebook Insights, this area will be easy to get used to. You’ll also see the reach and engagement of your company’s page.

Facebook: updated algorithm

The social media giant estimates that users see only 57% of stories in their news feed. On average, every time you visit your news feed there are 1500 possible stories from friends and pages that you follow.

Currently what influences the algorithm (sometimes referred to as edge rank) includes frequency of interactions, number of engagements (likes/shares/comments), previous interactions, whether or not a post has been hidden or reported, and the type of content.

To make the news deed more efficient for story sharing, the platform updated its algorithm. In doing so, it is said that users will now see around 70% of all stories. This update gives organic posts a higher chance of showing up in the feed.

Story Bump

This update will bump old stories you haven’t seen up to the beginning of your news feed, regardless of the posted time. The algorithm will choose popular posts to move up in your news feed. Thus, older stories with lots of likes or comments that you have not seen will get a bump. This update has only rolled out to the web version of Facebook so far.

Last Actor

Another way more stories will be seen in the news feed has to do with the interactions a user has on Facebook. The algorithm will now take into consideration the last 50 engagements a user has made (people and pages).

Going forward, these people or pages that have been engaged with will hold more weight on the news feed. You will see more of their content. This update has yet to be rolled out.

One thing that’s important to note is neither update to Facebook’s algorithm will impact your ads and how they appear in the news feed. It’s important to adjust your social strategy according to the constant updates in social platforms. If you don’t, you can be missing out on huge opportunities for your brand. Engagement and exposure are two of the biggest aspects that help your brand expand across social platforms.

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