Switching to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

After the initial release of Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns about three months ago, reps have confirmed that all campaigns will be rolled over to the new format as of July 22nd. If you haven’t heard about the adjustments or have just been dragging your feet updating it, here are a couple of things that are changing with new Enhanced Campaigns…

Consolidation of devices – Businesses no longer need to manage different campaigns for different devices. Mobile, tablet and desktop campaigns will be consolidated into one. Although combining features makes Enhanced Campaigns simpler to use for smaller, less tech savvy marketers, there is less control for big marketing plans.

Bid Adjustments – Now that campaigns for different devices are combined, bid adjustments are the key to differentiating. Based on device, location, or time of day, you can increase or decrease the amount you are willing to pay to show those ads. It makes sense you would pay more for an ad for local pizza when the search is less than a half-mile away and it’s 7PM. The bidding system also gives you the option of turning off mobile campaigns completely by decreasing the bid 100%.

Mobile action oriented – Mobile campaigns can now be tailored by pushing extensions based on that device. A person shopping on the go would be suited to receive an ad ending with a CTA such as “get directions,” “call now,” etc.

Ad group level site links – You can now add a specific product, page or location for an individual ad group instead of having to change them at the campaign level.

Average quality score – Instead of each campaign receiving its own ranking on AdWords, quality scores are averaged between devices. Remember, you can turn off mobile campaigns if you need to, but a desktop/tablet campaign is required. So make sure you are producing quality ads!

Tracking calls from ads – Now that calls are placed directly from your ad, you have a wealth of information at your disposal. What time the calls were placed, the location, and the prompting keyword are all data that can help you optimize your ad campaign.

While many of the changes are simplifying the AdWords process on different devices, the campaigns do offer previously unavailable options. Since the change is inevitable, it’s time to start taking advantage of new features and exploring the possibilities. Have you switched to Enhanced Campaigns already? Tell us what you think.

Read more about Google’s Enhanced Campaigns here.


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