Visual Identity

The right first impression

Our research and discovery phase allows us to highlight design opportunities. Then we go to work to create more engaging, intuitive experiences for your customers that vividly communicate your brand’s message.

Why invest in a brand identity?

It's how customers will remember your brand

A strong identity shines in your web presence and marketing efforts like SEO, Amazon search ranking, and advertising. A professional look will establish confidence in your brand and encourage repeat visits.

Your current identity may have been rushed

There may have been a time when you needed to get something up and running to get the business going. We get it.

As you moved forward focusing on growth, operations and staffing, it’s easy to overlook the impact your identity can have. Our team can work with you to find the best approach to conveying your current brand traits through your identity.

It's outdated

We combine the values and principles that your company was founded on with a clean, visual style. Updating the colors, type style, and resolution for modern device screens impresses your customers and keeps you ahead of the competitors.

It needs to be consistent online, offline and even internally

A lack of guidelines can lead to different versions of your branding floating around. We unify your digital presence and offline collateral through design and messaging, making it easier for customers and employees to understand who you are.

What to expect

We’ll start the process by asking questions to understand your brand–“What values do you believe are reflected in your current brand?”,“Are there new values you want reflected?”, “How much of your current brand equity would you want to maintain?”. The information we gather will help us determine the right strategy to modernize your brand’s look and feel.


We combine discussions with you and thorough research into presentation boards that include ideas for colors, type, layouts and photography styles. Together, we review the right direction for your brand identity.

Logo ideation/sketches

This is the part that all clients love. We’ll go through iterations of ideas for your identity and try out several approaches in terms of direction. Then we start making pixel perfect variations and in black/white treatments to allow you to appreciate the shape, style and how all the elements are working together without bringing color into it yet. These ideas are then presented to you to continue the collaboration.


Working from the agreed upon direction and style, we’ll make our recommendations for typography that complements your identity but can also be used consistently across print and web, on desktop and mobile. We’ll make sure the right variants and weights are available as well for different uses on your site such as headlines, body copy, links, and even number style. Subtle difference in fonts, weights, and spacing can make a difference in the overall tone of your brand.

Color palettes

What colors represent your brand’s goals and traits? How consistent will the color be online and offline? What colors will serve as accents or dominant colors? Is there a way to update the tone of your current color to keep some equity or serve as reminder about your brand’s history? These are the questions we love thinking about when we put together groups of color to best represent your brand.

Final brand identity/guidelines

After all that work put in to update your identity and create a new look, type, colors, we’ll collect all the guidelines into one branded document for any designer or marketer to follow when working with your new brand identity. This document will serve as your guide when developing other documents, business cards, marketing collateral and web assets. We’ll map out all specifics related to your new brand style across all channels so that your new brand identity can remain consistent and on top of mind with your end users.

Let’s get started.

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