Ripen and Greenwing Technology Announce Digital Commerce Partnership

Ripen has announced a partnership with Greenwing Technology, a leading provider of integrated punchout catalog systems. The strategic alliance allows the two tech leaders to join forces and offer a best-in-class Prophet 21 ecommerce solution.

The Ripen and Greenwing Technology partnership connects Epicor Prophet 21 with Magento 2 and includes an integration to Greenwing Technology’s Punchout Catalog to help distributors grow revenue and reduce operational costs.

“For 18 years, Ripen has consistently delivered digital commerce transformations,” says Michael Tudor, CEO at RIPEN. “Our experience enables us to distill technical requirements and strategic goals to recommend creative solutions for digital growth and success. This partnership is a step towards our vision of providing unified support for ERP and ecommerce platforms.”

“We are excited to team up with Ripen, a leading digital commerce development firm, to provide punchout catalog solutions for organizations using Magento 2 and Epicor Prophet 21. Using our combined experience, we offer businesses a superior integration solution that enables them to connect their eCommerce platform to any eProcurement system,” says Daniel Geiger, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development at Greenwing Technology, Inc.

About Greenwing Technology, Inc.

Greenwing Technology helps organizations develop B2B Punchout Catalogs, CIF catalogs, and electronic Purchase Order/Invoicing systems to integrate with eProcurement systems from Ariba, Workday, Jaggaer, Oracle, Coupa and over 100 other eProcurement and ERP systems. Greenwing offers much more than just punchout catalog software; options include the training and resources to educate your team to become an expert in e-Procurement and punchout. To learn more, visit

About Ripen

Ripen develops creative and technical strategies to build highly persuasive digital commerce experiences that convert, scale, and thrive.

Ripen P21 Commerce integrates Epicor Prophet 21 with Magento 2 including a built-in connection to Greenwing Technology’s PIM to offer an optimized B2B experience and robust set of features.

Build and launch 2-3x faster on Ripen P21 Commerce, the only natively integrated Prophet 21 ecommerce accelerator platform.

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