A slice of life

We’re a bunch of nutballs

We’re a diverse group with a range of specialties and personalities. Together, we work our asses off, swing for the fences and leave the office proud of what we accomplish

Even Mondays are pretty good

We encourage stepping away from the computer with mountain bikes, ping pong, and outdoor volleyball against the lawyers who work upstairs. Every week we host yoga classes to provide some exercise.

We enjoy freshly prepared healthy snacks everyday and host team cook-offs that have resulted in some awesome chili and guacamole. To change up the day-to-day we take trips to the beach, Six Flags, and more. We pull out all the stops with our year-end holiday party to celebrate a year of accomplishments.

No cubicles here

We built our custom modern-industrial 10,000 sq. ft office to encourage teamwork and creativity without compromising personal space. Walk around and you’ll see people creating and collaborating to produce exceptional work.

We have a full photography and video studio outfitted with lighting, film equipment, green screen and more to do all our creative work in-house.

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