RIPEN P21 Commerce

We’ve built an ecommerce solution that natively integrates Epicor Prophet 21 and Magento 2, to help you grow your revenue and save time through a better customer experience.

The Challenge

Using Prophet 21 without RIPEN P21 Commerce is costing you.

Historically, brands using P21 have had two choices if they wanted a B2B ecommerce solution: implement the official Epicor ecommerce module and pay a large license fee for a sub optimal product; or, implement an ecommerce platform that wasn't purpose-built for B2B and didn't have core ecommerce functionality users have come to expect.

Opportunity Costs

  • Inability to mirror off-line pricing
  • Lack of flexibility to add new features and easily make updates
  • Poor user experience for searching, sorting, and filtering products
  • Difficulty presenting a consistent brand experience

Operational Costs

  • Inefficiency of processing orders
  • Inability to sync payment terms and billing
  • Inaccurate shipping quotes
  • No product data or inventory sync
  • Lack of self-service customer account tools

The Solution

RIPEN P21 Commerce is the only cost effective solution that is natively integrated with P21, and provides an optimized B2B ecommerce experience and robust set of functionality expected by your customers. The solution delivers:

Revenue growth

  • Modern user experiences your customers have come to expect from B2C sites
  • Easier, faster, better buying experience for customers
  • Account controls for enabling invoice history, shipping status, and re-ordering of common parts
  • Ability to honor negotiated pricing online

Cost reduction

  • Seamless integration of products, customers, orders, inventory, and pricing
  • Eliminates manual work to support online orders
  • Ability to sync payment terms and billing
  • Accurate shipping quotes

Core features include:

Custom pricing

Your customers receive their negotiated pricing driven by P21’s price books.

Parent/child customer accounts

Allow larger clients to manage individual child accounts and see invoice history rolled up to the parent account.

Bulk order upload

Accept orders via a CSV upload on your site to quickly process large, complex orders.

Invoice history & easy re-order

Give customers full access to their invoice history and streamline the reordering process for commonly ordered skus.

Sales rep customer management

Give your sales reps a portal to review their customers’ order history, open invoices, as well as YOY ordering pace.

Dedicated corporate product portal

Give your large customers their own dedicated ordering portal with only the products available to their account.

Additional standard features

P21 Integration Features

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Product data
  • Inventory
  • Multiple warehouse inventories
  • Shipping Status

Ecommerce Features

  • Category filters & sort
  • Auto-fill on-site search
  • Pricing by customer
  • Pricing by customer group
  • Automatic quantity discounts
  • Multiple account levels
  • Streamlined registration process
  • Parent/Child customer accounts
  • Robust customer account area
  • Login-gated content
  • Live chat

Customer Benefits

  • Pay on negotiated terms
  • Manage invoice history
  • Easy re-order
  • Easy search & navigate

The Results

Recent implementations of the RIPEN P21 Commerce have delivered tremendous value and results for our clients:


Increase in sales


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in average order value


Decrease in manual labor hours

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