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Amazon SEO Research Study – Inside Amazon’s Search Engine

Amazon’s influence on ecommerce is big – and, like it or not, it’s only getting bigger. Though it wouldn’t make sense for some online retailers to join the marketplace, it can be a great source of incremental revenue for the vast majority.

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Scott Buchanan Marketing, Engineering
Ripen’s Observations on GDPR

GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018. Here we share what we've seen leading up to the date....

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Lauren Tympel Marketing
5 Dos and Don’ts of A/B Email Testing

Almost every email campaign can be informed by strategic A/B testing, but if you're unfamiliar with the process, it...

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David Rekuc Marketing
The Complete Guide to Retargeting Ads

This post explores the retargeting strategies you can use to target shoppers and the different ad types that exist...

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David Rekuc Marketing
Study: Why 92% of Retail Purchases Still Happen Offline

Ecommerce's huge, crazy, insane growth still only represents 8% of the total retail market. So one data-driven agency tries...

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David Rekuc Marketing, Industry News
$1.79 Trillion Abandoned in Shopping Carts – Stop Your Customers from Leaving...

A constant struggle in ecommerce conversion rate optimization is reducing shopping cart abandonment. Your visitors have shown a great...

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David Rekuc Marketing
Amazon Started Automatically Discounting Seller Prices for the Holidays

Amazon has a new program they’ve been implementing. In the interest of getting competitive on price in the holiday...

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