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Ryan Horvath Strategy, Epicor Prophet 21
6 Points to Consider for Prophet 21 Ecommerce Integration

When looking at building or improving your Prophet 21 online experience, here are 6 points to conisder before engaging...

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Jackie Keehan Strategy
Are you ready for Google's Core Web Vitals update?

Are you ready for Google’s Core Web Vitals update? Google’s new page experience signals combine Core Web Vitals with...

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Pooja S Strategy
Ecommerce during Covid: How Consumer Behavior and Attitudes are Reshaping Retail

The pandemic changed the retail landscape for brands and retailers. Ecommerce adoption rate is through the roof. How did...

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Angel Obregon Photography
Product Photography Maximized for All Channels

A consistent brand needs consistent imagery in all channels.

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Scott Buchanan Strategy, Engineering
Decoding the FUBAR world of ecommerce management system acronyms

If you want to be an EVP PDQ and get that shiny new BMW you need to know how...

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David Rekuc Strategy, Branding, UX
How digitally native brands drive higher conversion using emotion

Consumer purchase decisions are driven primarily by emotion. After all, humans are emotional beings on a never-ending quest to...

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Amazon SEO Research Study – Inside Amazon’s Search Engine

Amazon’s influence on ecommerce is big – and, like it or not, it’s only getting bigger. Though it wouldn’t make sense for some online retailers to join the marketplace, it can be a great source of incremental revenue for the vast majority.

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