Ripen and Straub Collaborative Announce Ecommerce Content Production Partnership

Ripen has announced a partnership with Straub Collaborative. Straub is a global ecommerce content studio specializing in creating scaled solutions for digital retailers. The strategic alliance allows the two companies to join forces and offer best-in-class photography and video production with studios in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Portland, and Hong Kong.

This partnership combines Straub’s power of scaled creative production with Ripen’s mastery of ecommerce website development for a best of breed all in one solution.

“Ripen creates highly persuasive digital commerce experiences and engaging brand content to drive digital growth and strengthen brand loyalty,” says Michael Tudor, CEO at Ripen. “This partnership expands our content production capabilities and scale.”

“We are tremendously excited about the Straub Collaborative / Ripen Studio partnership”, says David Straub, Founder, Optomist, and CEO of Straub Collaborative. “Harnessing the power of our two companies and the combined decades-worth of relationships and world-class experience, will deliver beautiful and meaningful creative content for our clients.”

About Straub Collaborative

Straub Collaborative creates bold images for ecommerce and direct to consumer retailers. We specialize in creating scaled solutions for enterprise apparel and footwear retailers through our international studios in North America and Hong Kong.


Ripen specializes in producing high volume, engaging visual content to create digital commerce experiences that convert, scale, and thrive.

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