Amazon SEO research study:

Inside Amazon’s search engine

Amazon’s influence on ecommerce is big – and, like it or not, it’s only getting bigger. Though it wouldn’t make sense for some online retailers to join the marketplace, it can be a great source of incremental revenue for the vast majority.

Once you decide to join the Amazon fray, you can begin thinking about how to capture the most number of conversions as possible.

According to Amazon’s own site, search is the primary way their customers locate products on the platform.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s search engine still feels shrouded in secrecy, seemingly immune to the influence that the SEO community has had on Google and Bing.

To help pull back the curtain, the marketing team here at Ripen set out to complete the first in-depth study of Amazon search results and the factors that impact them.

In the process, we pored over more than 746,500 search results for 16,930 keywords, looked for correlations between those data points, and tried to determine what factors appear to improve a product’s search ranking. Much like traditional SEO, we found several factors influence search results on Amazon, and optimization has a compounding effect.

It’s our hope that this study will lead to increased search visibility for individual merchants as well as greater transparency and a sense of partnership between Amazon and SEO professionals.

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