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We see what most agencies don’t

Think of Google Shopping as an “Escape The Room” problem. Most agencies don’t know where to look or how to decipher the clues, leaving your ad spend meandering and inefficient. We see what they can’t, using a completely different structure to pull the right levers, solve the puzzles, and deliver eye-opening ROI.

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How do we do it?

We update the product data sent to Google and apply keyword engineering to drive improved targeting. With our unique approach, we’re able to identify the top performers, isolate them, and maximize their exposure.

End-to-end data optimization

The data you feed to Google is as vital to your listing’s success as the actual management; critical keywords are a must in your product title to rank higher. We test and identify the most relevant targeting information to get your product in front of the people looking for it.

website to merchant center to adwords to google
website to merchant center to adwords to google
website to merchant center to adwords to google
website to merchant center to adwords to google
website to merchant center to adwords to google

Polished product listings

We give shoppers the information they want when searching for your product without compromising your brand’s identity. Then we optimize your listings top to bottom, enticing customers and standing out from the competition.


website to merchant center to adwords to google
Only 1 keyword targeted


website to merchant center to adwords to google
Now targeting dozens of keywords

Introducing: Keyword engineering

We make Google’s ad auction system work for you, deploying a customized 3-campaign keyword structure that focuses investment and eliminates unnecessary spending.

Keyword engineering

Smarter bid management

Even the slightest change in your cost per click bid can provide drastic increases in your product visibility. By using our methods to isolate good performing products and keywords, we’re able to increase bids and dramatically increase your visibility.

We identify your areas ripe for improvement, make the tweaks or transformations needed, and drive your clickthrough rates and conversions up.

Keyword engineering

Why Ripen?

Data-driven innovation

We create a data-informed structure that uncovers opportunity and capitalizes on it.

Hands-off growth

We control both the data that gets fed to Google Merchant Center and your bid management, all the while iterating to improve results.

In-depth understanding

We guide your business and products through Google’s complex system, growing your channel by improving your listings and reaching your audience.

Creative go-to-market strategies

We’re constantly examining your Google Shopping account, adapting your approach for your product’s needs while pioneering new campaign strategies.

Realized potential. Real results.

Deep learning of a client’s business and industry means the only tactics we use are specifically chosen to maximize ROI.

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