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Facebook recently announced they are simplifying ads and releasing new features, making many marketers wonder what is currently the most impactful way to reach their audiences on the platform. One of the few sources that has remained highly influential on the constantly changing site is the news feed, where users spend about 27% of their time (not including mobile use). But not everything you post appears at the top of the news feed. To make sure your Page’s content is viewed and interacted with, you need to understand the formula which governs which material hits the top of your feeds – EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is an algorithm that combines a post’s affinity, weight, and time decay to determine how high and how often a post appears on your news feed.


The rank of a post is determined by your relationship with the user who posted it. Certain relationships take priority over others (boyfriend/girlfriend, relative, school mate, and coworker beat out that distant friend you never talk to) and the more you comment, like, and view that user’s page and posts, the stronger your affinity is with that person. But remember that just because you engage with someone else’s posts, does not make your rank higher in that person’s EdgeRank. They have to like you back.

For ecommerce: Don’t just post your products and services. Post fun and relevant material that increases engagement. Try surveys or fill in the blank statuses. The more users like and comment, the stronger their affinity is with you and the more frequently your posts will appear on their news feeds.


Facebook ranks types of posts with the following weight: Photos/videos are the strongest, followed by links, and then text. So Andrew’s picture of a tuna sandwich will get priority over Katie’s status describing her taco. However, if Katie’s status gets more likes and comments than Andrew’s pic, the taco will get a higher news feed rank.

For ecommerce: Instead of posting links, try posting photos with the URL in the description. The photo has a higher weight and you can still link content.

Time Decay

The older the story, the lower the rank. This keeps fresh content on your news feed every time you return. But keep in mind if you haven’t visited Facebook in a few days or a week, all previously unviewed content will have a relatively higher rank.

For ecommerce: Post daily. New content keeps you relevant and gives users a reason to return to your page. Also, short text posts (100- 250 characters) get 60% more engagement than long ones (over 250 characters) so keep it simple.

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